From Novice to Pro: The Best Freelance Writing Courses

If you’re interested in freelance writing, taking a course can be a great way to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. In this article, we’ll explore some top-rated freelance writing courses available to help you kickstart your writing career and enhance your chances of success.

You want to become a freelance writer. That’s awesome! But what are your next steps? How exactly do you get started?

Well, you can spend hours scouring the internet for free resources. Everything you need to succeed is out there — somewhere! And if you’re broke, trying to bootstrap your business, that might be what you need to do to get started. It’s what I did at first!

But there comes a point when you realize there’s got to be a better way to find exactly what you need to do to succeed. That’s why taking a course can be an excellent option if you have the money.

Top 5 Freelance Writing Courses

If you’re in the market for a freelance writing course, here are some of the best. Check them out and see which one might fit you well.

But first, a disclaimer. Some of the links below are affiliate links.

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success

This freelance writing course was my first investment in my business. Before paying for a domain, hosting, or anything else, I signed up for Gina Horkey’s 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success.

Back then, it was a simple email course. You clicked “done” on one lesson, and it automatically sent the next one to your inbox.

While the format has changed since then (for the better), the content is still fantastic. Whether you’re a beginner or have been writing for a while, this course will help you reach the next level.

It teaches you how to:

  • Choose the best way to make money writing
  • Develop the optimal mindset for success
  • Learn how to land clients
  • Set your rates to generate a full-time income
  • Scale your business

And more!

You’ll find plenty of actionable steps that pay off if you implement them! I’ve used these strategies repeatedly over the years to generate several thousand a month as a homeschooling mom to 11 kids…

It truly helped me level up my business without dedicating all my time to it.

Learn more about How to Become a Freelance Writer here.

Write to 1K

I’ve been following Elna Cain for many years now. I truly appreciate the practical tips she shares (and her videos are awesome!)

In her course, Write to 1K, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find clients that don’t pay mere pennies
  • How to set up your business and publish your writer website
  • The importance of your portfolio and how to set one up
  • How to land a guest post
  • How to craft a pitch

You’ll also get access to an exclusive Facebook Group to connect with other like-minded writers. And you can get all of this for a great price!

Learn more here.


Shortly after I started writing, Contena launched as a freelance writing job board. Since then, it’s revamped itself and now includes a writing academy to help you start and grow your business.

Contena Academy features 12 modules that’ll help you start making money from your writing. It covers:

  • The importance of setting goals
  • Generating writing samples
  • Asking for testimonials
  • Crafting a pitch
  • Marketing strategies for writers
  • Developing a client funnel

In addition, there’s an option to upgrade and get a coach for personalized assistance. This can be a big help, especially if you need motivation to review the self-directed materials.

Plus, once you sign up — you’ll have access to the job board. That’s a big perk!

Learn more here.

Freelance Writers Den

OK – this one isn’t “just” another freelance writing course. It’s like the Cadillac model. Carol Tice developed the Freelance Writers Den, which only opens a few times yearly. If it’s not open now, you can jump on the Waiting List so you’re sure not to miss the next opportunity.

Inside the Den, you’ll find plenty of Bootcamp-style courses to help you kick your business into overdrive. There’s one on using LinkedIn for Marketing and plenty of courses on improving your writing craft. In all, there are over 300 hours of on-demand training.

You’ll also find a forum, contract templates, writing reviews, and monthly live events. If you want to become a better freelancer, this is the place to go!

Find out what is included in this monthly membership here.

Freelancing Basics

Do you want some help growing your freelancing business as a busy mom? The course Freelancing Basics that’s coming soon is for you. In it, you’ll learn:

  • Time management techniques to make time for a business when life is crazy
  • Practical strategies for finding clients and building connections with other writers
  • How to stay motivated when you want to quit
  • How to find your voice and put your unique style to work for you
  • Ways to keep your kids engaged while you’re working (without relying on screens – at least most of the time)
  • Tips for setting your rates
  • Ideas for integrating your kids into your business so you work together and inspire them to become an entrepreneur
  • Strategies for staying relevant in a world filled with AI-generated content
  • And more…

The membership includes weekly coaching on Zoom, downloadable workbooks to move through at your own pace, individualized pitch reviews, writing critiques, a Community FB Group, and more.

If you’re interested in joining the waiting list to be the first to hear when it launches, click here. I can’t wait to tell you more about Freelancing Basics!

Do You Need to Take a Course to Start Freelancing?

Now that you know what some of the best courses are, let’s discuss a question that you’re probably thinking…do you have to take a course to start freelancing?

The answer is…

Of course not.

I didn’t take a course until a few months into my freelancing journey. We were so broke I had no extra money to spend, so I had to wait until I’d made enough to cover the cost.

Everything you need to know about freelancing is out on the internet somewhere. If you have more time than money, go for it! Start looking into free resources (here’s a good article to start with: How to Start a Freelance Business when You’re Broke).

Courses do a couple of things:

They give you the knowledge you need to get started in one convenient place.

And they can give you some extra confidence, so you don’t feel like such an imposter.

But you can still create a solid business if you never take a course. So don’t stress if you can’t afford a course or don’t want to take one. Find what works for you and give it a try!

Remember that your progress might be a little slower, and you might occasionally take a wrong turn and need to pivot. But that’s true of every business…

Do You Need a Degree to Freelance?

I happen to have a degree. I earned my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and Reading and my master’s in Elementary Reading and Lit. But you don’t need a degree to freelance. A degree can be helpful, especially if you’re applying for gigs in a field related to your major (hello, educational content for me!)

But you can absolutely freelance without a degree. My oldest daughter, Jayme, started her freelance graphic design business in high school. And though she’s now in college studying the craft, she had plenty of paying clients before she started.

As long as you can do the work well and deliver it on time, that’s what matters.

Is A Freelance Writing Course In Your Future?

That being said, there is some wisdom in learning from others. That way, you don’t have to learn everything the hard way. So if a freelance writing course is in your future, I highly recommend the ones above. For easy reference, here they are:

And, of course, Freelancing Basics, which is coming soon. Sign up here to get on the waitlist:

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